Long Island Holistic Center Designed With Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

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Design Concept

This yoga, meditation and holistic center located in Patchogue, NY wanted to create a healthy and serene contemplative space that combined:

  • private treatment rooms
  • yoga studio and group multi-use healing space
  • retail space for holistic merchandise
  • interactive childcare space

Design Challenges

Our biggest challenge as an architecture firm was working with a Civil-War-era main street building that has been added onto twice over the years. Merging the three parts of the building, functionally, aesthetically and mechanically, all while meeting the center’s enhanced wellness needs presented major design challenges.

Advanced Indoor Air Quality

Typically, conditioned air is delivered to rooms and afterwards makes its way back to the air conditioner by passing under the door. But a space under the door does not make a good sound barrier and for a healthy, healing space, privacy, silence, and a high indoor air quality was required.

For Tranquility Within we designed ducted returns from each treatment room to return air to the air conditioning unit while adding fresh air through an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The ERV draws in fresh air from outdoors and exhausts stale air, decreasing levels of indoor air pollutants like VOCs and CO2. With few exterior walls, the building lacked opportunities for windows, and so the ERV provided the interior spaces with a constant supply of fresh air.

The Building Envelope

A common challenge in green buildings is to provide air tightness and effective insulation. In this design, we used spray foam insulation, one of the most insulating products currently on the market. This green building technique will pay many dividends moving forward in the form of reduced heating and cooling bills.

Working with Paul Cataldo was a complete pleasure. Paul and his staff went above and beyond what I was expecting when I hired his firm. The final product is simply amazing and I receive compliments almost daily. Paul not only created me a beautiful design, but he also provided a personal loving touch. His character and humanity were priceless in my journey. I highly recommend Paul Cataldo to help you bring your vision to life.

—Dawn Michelle, Founder, Tranquility Within