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Transforming Visions into Sustainable Realities
At Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning, we’re passionate about translating green building principles into tangible results. We take pride in collaborating with clients to design and construct exceptional spaces that prioritize environmental responsibility, functionality, and aesthetics.

Explore a curated selection of our latest projects to witness firsthand how sustainable design translates into beautiful and functional spaces that contribute to a healthier planet and a more vibrant future.

Showcasing Sustainable Design Excellence.

A Beacon of Sustainability on the East End of Long Island

Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning takes sustainable design to the Hamptons with their latest creation: a stunning East End beach home. This luxurious residence seamlessly blends coastal living with innovative eco-friendly features, offering a haven of comfort and style while minimizing environmental impact.

A Commitment to Green Design:

This beachfront beauty isn’t just about breathtaking views. The home is a testament to Paul Cataldo’s dedication to sustainable architecture, incorporating several key elements:

LEED Certified Design

LEED Certified Design: The home is on track to achieve LEED certification, ensuring it meets rigorous green building standards for energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable materials.

Net Zero Energy Features
Through strategic design, energy-efficient building practices, and the integration of renewable energy sources, the home strives to achieve net zero energy consumption, reducing reliance on the grid and minimizing the homeowner’s environmental footprint.
Cost Savings for the Future
Sustainable features like high-performance windows, energy-efficient appliances, and rainwater harvesting systems not only benefit the environment but also translate to long-term cost savings for the homeowner.
This stunning beach home exemplifies the perfect balance between luxury living and environmental responsibility. Contact Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning today to discuss how they can help you create your own sustainable dream home.

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Our Sustainable Design Team.

Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning is driven by a team passionate about sustainable design. Explore Paul Cataldo's profile, the leader who ignites this green vision.

Our team isn't just talented, they're passionate. Each member brings unique skills to the table, fostering a collaborative environment. Together, we create healthy and environmentally responsible spaces, ensuring every project benefits from a diverse perspective for innovative, sustainable design.
Paul Cataldo

Paul Cataldo


At Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning PC, an integrated approach to design is the natural process. Mechanical, electrical, and site design is important to the overall quality of the building.

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