West Islip Public Library

Project Details & Design Approach

As a result of magazines and newspapers moving online, the periodical room of the West Islip Public Library had become greatly underutilized over time. Meanwhile, library patrons had a growing need for a meeting room with video capability.

Our design challenge was to convert the room into a meeting room while still providing space for periodical displays and reading. The library directors’ vision was to provide a hearth-side reading area with a cozy fireplace, coupled with a computer counter with power and data connections. The seating around the fireplace would also have built-in power and data in the side tables fed from floor outlets.


• Flexibility to use the space to host meetings in addition to periodical reading
• New computer counter
• New power and data connections next to each seat
• Floating fireplace on a horizontal granite hearth
• Wall-length cherry shelving fireplace surround
• Condensed displays for periodicals


Periodical area was single-use, underutilized and lacking in power and internet connections.