Commercial Green Building

What is Green Building?

Green building is, essentially, applying environmentally conscious principles to the entire process of architecture and design. Also frequently referred to as sustainable architecture, these eco-friendly principles can be applied to all sorts of building projects, including brand-new construction, renovations, and interior design. From minimizing waste to installing energy-efficient appliances to incorporating eco-friendly landscape design, green building is a comprehensive and innovative philosophy of architecture… and it’s at the core of what Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning PC is all about.

Commercial Green Building

Sustainable architecture can be applied to residential and commercial building projects of all scopes. In a commercial green building, the straightforward practices of waste minimization and use of sustainable materials are often combined with urban planning, sustainable landscape design, and energy efficiency to create buildings that use fewer resources and lessen the impact on the surrounding environment. Commercial green building isn’t only about the construction process, but about creating a building that will continue to operate in an environmentally-conscious way for years to come.

Why Choose Commercial Green Building?

Our clients choose green building practices for a variety of reasons. While maintaining a commitment to sustainable architecture may sound costly, many clients find that the long-term savings in energy costs and tax credits is well worth the initial investment. Other clients appreciate the goodwill their commitment to green building can generate within their community, along with the positive publicity that sustainable architecture tends to attract.

LEED Certification

One particularly noticeable way to gain credibility for a green building project is to pursue LEED certification. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy & Environment Design, is an independent program that awards varying levels of certification for green building projects. Achieving LEED status is one of the best ways to generate buzz for a new building project, increase property values, and make it clear to your community and client base that your business is committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible way.

The U.S. Green Building Council

LEED certification was developed in 1993 by the U.S. Green Building Council, or USGBC. As one of the founding members of the Long Island chapter of the Green Building Council, Paul Cataldo leads our firm with a thorough understanding of, and commitment to, the sustainable architecture standards required for LEED-rated commercial buildings.

LEED-Certified Commercial Buildings in Long Island

Sustainable architecture principles and practices can be applied to almost every kind of building. In Long Island alone, dozens of commercial green buildings demonstrate the diverse projects that can, and have, achieved LEED status. Just a few examples include:

    • Tanger Outlet Mall in Deer Park, LEED Silver
    • Space Storage Center in Deer Park, LEED Silver
    • Forchelli Law Firm in Uniondale, LEED Silver
    • Westhampton Free Library in Westhampton Beach, LEED Gold
    • Wild by Nature supermarket in Oceanside, LEED Gold
    • Brookhaven National Lab Research Support Building in Upton, LEED Silver

What Green Building Might Mean For You

Every site and project is different, but Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning PC works with clients to incorporate a variety of energy-efficient and waste-reducing green building practices such as:

        • Sustainable master planning
        • Using green building materials
        • Employing sustainable landscape design
        • Installing Energy Star appliances
        • Incorporating green interior design techniques
        • Improving heating & cooling usage
        • Reducing water consumption
        • Constructing high performance buildings from the ground up

Are you curious about the ways green building principles and sustainable architecture could apply to your commercial building? Contact us for a proposal or with any questions. We’re here to help.